The question of when to get in touch with an attorney would be confusing for most people after they were involved in an accident. However, you should always contact an attorney immediately after a car accident. In case, you were still in doubt, let us delve into it.

How soon you should get in touch with an attorney?

It would be highly recommended that you get in touch with an attorney at the earliest following the car accident. You should rest assured that the party at fault would waste no time informing their insurance company about the accident. The insurance defense lawyer would look forward to getting in touch with you in order to discuss what had happened.

It would be pertinent to mention here that you should avoid rather never give any kind of statement to the insurance company without initially getting in touch with your attorney. You should rest assured that the insurance company would not be working in your best interest. Their loyalty lies with the company. Their major concern would be to make you accept a low settlement offer rather than being concerned about how much you would incur on medical expenses or for how many days you would be staying off work due to your injuries.

That is why you need an attorney who would deal with the insurance company on your behalf. They would ensure that you do not have to worry about anything or agreeing to a number not acceptable to you.

Understanding of the statute

Are you aware there is a statute determining the limitation for filing personal injury claims? It implies that you could file a personal injury claim within a specific duration from the day of the accident. After the lapse of the duration, you would not have the right to file a claim and recover the compensation amount for the suffered injuries. You should rest assured that you would not know about the time lapse while recovering from the injuries. Your attorney would have adequate knowledge of the law, limitation period, and the procedure of filing the claim formally.

Therefore, in the event of you or your loved one has been injured in a car accident, you should not hesitate to get n touch with a car accident attorney to discuss your specific case without paying any consultation fee. You may also be entitled to compensation for your pain, suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages.