Mercedes-AMG presented its latest car model in the automobile industry: Mercedes-AMG GT4. This new model shows similarities of the Mercedes-AMG GT R. It has been designed to meet the needs of GT4 race series.  Its production-based engine offers completely matured racing feature with the superior level of efficiency and safety.

This amazing race car is entering another form of GT racing category in automobile models. This amazing series shows amazing dynamic growth and an attractive blend of legendary endurance races and demanding sprint races for plenty of opportunities to do competition withGT4 machinery.

Superior racing experience

AMG Mercedes GT4 serve as a remarkable addition to the existing participation in GT3 to support young driver. GT4 competition takes the customer’s racing program to higher levels. Mercedes-AMG GT4 serves as a valuable platform to prove competence in the form of a worldwide successful performance brand and sports car.

Production-base that meets racing technology

The Mercedes-AMG GT4 sees higher levels of race track performance. The dynamic attributes of the road-based sports car got developed to bring the most fabulous racing experience for the car racers. The overall fuel consumption of this car is around 12.4 liter per 100 km. The total CO2 emissions are around 284 g/km.


With the launch of the earlier sports car versions of Mercedes AMG series, GT3, people have kept high hopes for Mercedes-AMG GT4 too. Mercedes-AMG GT4 is designed with several set incredible features that are sure to create new benchmarks in its class.

This will lead to ergonomics, safety, performance, drivability, exemplary service and user-friendliness. Thus, it has entered the scene like a completely proven and matured competition car.

The Mercedes-AMG GT3 and SLS AMG GT3 have been successful to win the first lap of racing and also demonstrated it in an impressive manner. This has set the benchmark for the all new GT4 model of Mercedes-AMG. Therefore, the developers of this model, have taken a good amount of time for its development as well as testing to offer the best end product.

The collaboration between the engineers and experienced drivers is an essential aspect in the development process of this complex vehicle. Experts interaction led into excellent drivability, that is a characteristic feature typical for any Mercedes-AMG racing car.


The Mercedes GT4 segment is becoming a lot popular. Designed with the production-based concept, this model is very important to start a journey as a team or a driver in motorsport.